Mr. Darcy and his exquisite fragrances

Odore Mio Mr Darcy Exclusive Perfume

London based exclusive artisan perfume house Odore Mio reveals acquisition of what is believed to be an original set of perfume bottles owned and used by Mr. Darcy or his real life personage described in Jane Austin’s novel “Pride and Prejudice.” The antique set of cut crystal glass perfume bottles with sterling silver and gold caps form a set of personal items used by a wealthy noble gentleman of the era depicted in Jane Austin’s work.  The character of Mr. Darcy was most likely based on one of the personal acquaintances of  Jane Austin just like many other characters in her hovels.  The original bottles retained traces of fragrances used by Mr. Darcy allowing Odore Mio perfumers to start work on reconstruction of original Mr. Darcy fragrances.