Odore Mio Babylon Eau de Parfum: A Fragrance Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Babylon Perfume Odore Mio

Babylon by Odore Mio is a captivating Chypre fragrance that offers a mesmerizing experience of warmth and splendor. This composition is built on a foundation of Mediterranean Rock Roses, exquisite Iris flowers, and Orris root accords, which create an exceptional richness and magnificence. The fragrance is further enhanced by Citrus fruit and leaf accords, followed by the handsome beauty of precious woods and mosses.

Inspired by The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, this fragrance captures the essence of the remarkable series of tiered gardens with trees, flowers, shrubs, and vines. From the opening to maturity, Babylon strikes with its handsome foundation and delicate green leaf accords, silver ambers, and cozy cashmeres.

The fragrance opens with top notes of Rock Rose, Iris Absolute, and Oriental Garden Bloom, creating a beautiful and complex scent. The heart notes include Orris Root, Sicilian Bergamot, Citrus Leaf Accord, Labdanum, and Indonesian Patchouli. These notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating a unique and captivating scent that will continue to captivate your senses throughout the day.

Finally, the fragrance is wrapped in a base of Sandalwood, English Oak Moss, Silver Ambers Accord, Ambergris, and Cashmere Accord, which add warmth, depth, and meaning to the scent. Babylon is a fragrance that will impress you with its complexity and captivate you with its warmth and beauty. It is a fragrance that is perfect for those who appreciate the art of perfumery and seek a unique and captivating scent.