Patchouli Royal Perfume Spray OM No 28

Patchouli Royal Perfume Spray OM No 28Centuries of oriental history and spirituality packed into this composition unfold like a beautiful lotus flower opening new dimensions with each petal. With sublime heart and base notes this fragrance blossoms with creamy, musky, woody and sweet floral sensations.  Powdery oriental bouquet of spices, rich fruits and aged wood give this full bodied fragrance its truly remarkable character. Additional enigmatic side of this fragrance comes from Labdanum with historic perfume and medicinal references going as far back as the Book of Genesis.

Investment Grade Perfume: This product will improve aromatically with time due to specific high grade organic components used in formulation. For best results avoid sunlight exposure and sharp temperature variations.

Limited Edition. Very small batch. Hand Made in Odore Mio Lab in London.

Patchouli Royal Perfume Spray OM No 28

Price from: £2

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Natural Organic Fragrance

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

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