Odore Mio Goldleaf Homme Eau de Cologne OM No 61

Odore Mio Goldleaf Homme Cologne

Goldleaf Homme by Odore Mio is a bright fresh cologne with sparkly opening full of citrus fireworks.  These explosive bursts are designed to refresh, illuminate and bring a bit of sunshine for the day. This fragrance will remain lighter and less illustrious later on and evolve into much more sensual, more discreet silks and cashmeres.  These silks and cashmeres will stay and only occasionally remind of bright citrusy sparks experienced on opening. Goldleaf Homme also has its Femme counterpart.  Goldleaf Femme is a more floral and more gentle mood enhancer.  Both can in fact be worn by men and women and even mixed together.  These fragrances are designed as companions. They will work together in symbiotic relationship to compliment each other.

Goldleaf Homme Eau de Cologne OM No 61

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Natural Organic Fragrance

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

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