Best Apple Based Cologne or Perfume for Spring or Summer  


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11/02/2018 3:31 pm  

I am looking for apple based fragrance, but don't want it to be too overpowering or too synthetic.  Something that offers sophistication and a bit of apple freshness and charm.

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11/02/2018 4:48 pm  


Odore Mio will be launching several apple based fragrances.  This includes Odore Mio Green Apple which is already available.  This Green Apple indeed offers top notes of real green apple such as Bramley (known for its zesty flavour in apple pies) and Granny Smith (a more rounded green apple variety).  These green notes will be very visible on opening and will transform later into sweeter florals and musks.  This transition will be gentle and pleasant.  White musks and Orchids will provide sweetness and more mature freshness later on.

 The next fragrance in the range will be Odore Mio Golden Delicious and Apple Oud.  Of the two Apple Oud will be more woody and darker.  Golden Delicious offers less zest of the apple on opening and more warmth and spice such as cinnamon.  It almost feels like delicious apple pie with nuances of caramel and apple pie.  Golden Delicious does hide a few secrets and these are revealed later on, with a few woody notes appearing, just like with real apple tree.  First you see the leaf and fruits and then detail of branches and wood.

The third Apple Oud perfume has not been released yet. This will be a darker red apple and Agar Wood fragrance.  Watch this space for more info later.

Alex Green
Odore Mio Botanicals



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