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Odore Mio Hand Sanitiser Gel 70% Alcohol Wide Spectrum Disinfectant

Odore Mio Hand Sanitiser

Odore Mio 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel offering advanced alcohol based sanitising gel with proven wide spectrum biocidal properties. Removes 99.999% of bacteria and effective against enveloped viruses and yeast. No added dyes or fragrance. Providing additional cleansing and moisturising function for skin through high emollient content. Quick evaporation leaving hands feeling soft, refreshed and […]

Odore Mio Antibacterial Hand Soap Unscented Dye-Free Sanitizer

Odore Mio Hand Soap

This Odore Mio hand soap offers antibacterial action for sensitive skin or frequent use in workplaces or home environment requiring optimal levels of cleanliness. Excellent disinfecting performance including E. coli and Salmonella. Good safeguard against contaminants this soap sanitises hands and cleans gently. Unscented, no added pigments. Instructions and Safety Information: Use with cold or […]

Oud Wood Tobacco and Spice – review of Tobacco Oud Perfume

Tobacco Oud Perfume Reviews

Suzy’s review from Instagram offers and insight into rich sophisticated character of Odore Mio’s Tobacco Oud. This has such a powerful opening it feels very distinguished with this richness radiating a smooth warmth that totally consumes you, intense woody bursts intertwine with spicy tobacco adding even further intrigue to this already bold fragrance. Moroccan cedar […]

Odore Mio Italian Leather Perfume Review

Odore Mio Italian Leather Perfume Review

“Delicious juicy fresh raspberries open this fragrance, it feels really luscious with this gorgeous illuminated bright sweetness, its so delectable and mouthwatering. Delicate smooth suede nuances start nudging through intermingling with the raspberry, they don’t dominate, instead these two notes really compliment each other, the suede feels soft with this graceful beauty, the raspberry is […]

Odore Mio Tobacco Oud Cologne Customer Reviews

Odore Mio Tobacco Oud

When we see our customers inspired and excited about our fragrances it makes our mission truly fulfilling.  Odore Mio collection is produced in very small batches from fresh organic ingredients often not available in larger quantities for industrial scale manufacturing. Here’s what one of our customers wrote about Odore Mio Tobacco Oud: “I was given […]