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Odore Mio London Fast Perfume Shipment Service for Our Customers in the United States

Odore Mio Perfume Shipping to USA

Complex regulations around shipping of perfumes and recent disruptions around the world resulted in new challenges for global logistics services. Despite these difficulties with logistics and general market turbulence we experienced increased demand for all categories of Odore Mio fragrances.  We negotiated with a variety of specialist couriers to ensure safe and speedy delivery of […]

Odore Mio Hand Sanitiser Gel 70% Alcohol Wide Spectrum Disinfectant

Odore Mio Hand Sanitiser

Odore Mio 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel offering advanced alcohol based sanitising gel with proven wide spectrum biocidal properties. Removes 99.999% of bacteria and effective against enveloped viruses and yeast. No added dyes or fragrance. Providing additional cleansing and moisturising function for skin through high emollient content. Quick evaporation leaving hands feeling soft, refreshed and […]

Odore Mio Antibacterial Hand Soap Unscented Dye-Free Sanitizer

Odore Mio Hand Soap

This Odore Mio hand soap offers antibacterial action for sensitive skin or frequent use in workplaces or home environment requiring optimal levels of cleanliness. Excellent disinfecting performance including E. coli and Salmonella. Good safeguard against contaminants this soap sanitises hands and cleans gently. Unscented, no added pigments. Instructions and Safety Information: Use with cold or […]

Odore Mio Italian Leather Eau de Toilette Natural Perfume Spray

Odore Mio Italian Leather Cologne

Odore Mio Italian Leather offers creative blend of soft leathers and delicious raspberry and vanilla accords. This delicious berry and soft suede combination is further enhanced by additional nuances and unique layers of sensual and tropical accords. This fragrance will open naturally with delicate raspberry and soft leather impression allowing additional supporting notes of wild […]

Odore Mio Cedar Layer Eau de Toilette Natural Perfume Spray

Odore Mio Cedar Layer Perfume

Cedar Layer offers the enchanting scent of Cedar Wood and Cedar Amber derived directly from the finest confers of Atlas mountains and Texas woodlands. This grounding note of dry wood is calming and pure. It will add depth, sophistication and strength. This composition is a mono-note scent which offers pure sophistication of Cedar without additional […]

Odore Mio Vanilla Sky Natural Vanilla Perfume

Odore Mio Vanilla Sky Perfume

Odore Mio Vanilla Sky is a fantasy fragrance combining sweetness of natural Vanilla, warmth of sunset Skies, and exotic notes of tropical Fruits, Berries and Blooms. The best way to describe this composition will be to visualise vanilla pods and exotic berries lifting up into warm summer skies to infuse the air with its delicate […]

Odore Mio Fern Layer Eau de Toilette Natural Perfume Spray

Fern Layer Perfume Odore Mio

Ferns are often found among green abundance in forests of all kinds. They tend to be happiest in mossy and wet areas. Although Fern itself does not flower or produce strong scent it is the surrounding earthy environment which is associated with this scent. A separate category of sweet mossy fragrances named Fougère is dedicated […]

Odore Mio Creme de Menthe Eau de Toilette Natural Mint Perfume OM 129

Creme de Menthe Perfume

Crème de Menthe by Odore Mio, a gourmand liqueur fragrance naturally brings both candy sweetness and minty freshness within its heart notes. The sweet freshness of this composition is further layered with rich creamy notes reinforcing edible qualities of this luxurious scent. Just like its eponymous beverage the fragrance is addictive, rich, yet gentle and […]

Odore Mio Yuzu Water Eau de Toilette Natural Yuzu Perfume

Odore Mio Yuzu Fruit Perfume

Yuzu Wrapped in Layers of Citrus Blooms Yuzu Water by Odore Mio combines natural spark, elegance, and aromatic sophistication of eponymous citrus fruit. Yuzu Water features natural richness of Yuzu aromatic profile featuring Mandarin, Orange, and Inchang papeda notes at the top. On opening bright Yuzu fireworks will gently transition towards citrus tree blooms including […]

Odore Mio Stantal Oud Perfume

Santal Oud Perfume Gold

Sandalwood and Agarwood each offer both rich history of ceremonial use and sophisticated aromatic experience. Sandalwood being lighter and creamier of the two shines with soft creamy notes in Odore Mio’s Santal Oud. The darker Agarwood component provides much needed contrast and support at the base. The two precious woods are further enhanced with layers […]