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Odore Mio Italian Leather Perfume Review

Odore Mio Italian Leather Perfume Review

“Delicious juicy fresh raspberries open this fragrance, it feels really luscious with this gorgeous illuminated bright sweetness, its so delectable and mouthwatering. Delicate smooth suede nuances start nudging through intermingling with the raspberry, they don’t dominate, instead these two notes really compliment each other, the suede feels soft with this graceful beauty, the raspberry is […]

Odore Mio Tobacco Oud Cologne Customer Reviews

Odore Mio Tobacco Oud

When we see our customers inspired and excited about our fragrances it makes our mission truly fulfilling.  Odore Mio collection is produced in very small batches from fresh organic ingredients often not available in larger quantities for industrial scale manufacturing. Here’s what one of our customers wrote about Odore Mio Tobacco Oud: “I was given […]

Odore Mio Olive Blossom Perfume

Olive Blossom Perfume

Olive Blossom is one of our most delicate plant based fragrances which follows closely natural bloom of Olive Tree. The flowers of blooming Olive Tree are so delicate that it is almost too easy to overlook them, yet they possess one of the most exquisite fragrances to delight and inspire anyone who comes close enough. […]

Odore Mio White Magnolia Perfume

White Magnolia Perfume

Experience the essence of elegance and the delicate allure of the ancient magnolia tree with Odore Mio White Magnolia fragrance. As spring blooms and early summer whispers its arrival, this exquisite perfume captures the beauty and grace of one of nature’s most enchanting flowers.   Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma that follows closely the […]

Odore Mio Fresh Lime Cologne

Odore Mio Fresh Lime Cologne

Fresh Lime Cologne offers refreshing experience of crisp, tangy limes. A classic of men’s fragrances with numerous benefits both in terms of pleasant clean scent and in its ability to repair skin following mild irritation from shaving or cleaning. This fragrance contains natural organic oil of lime known for its refreshing and healing benefits.

Odore Mio Mulberry Musk Eau de Toilette

Mulberry Musk Perfume

Mulberry Musk is a product of passion and admiration for Mulberry tree.  It is both a tree and a delicious berry. Its graceful branches and leaves provide shelter from rain and burning sun during summer as well as delicious juicy berries. This Mulberry Musk from Odore Mio is that unique combination of sensual light wood […]

Odore Mio Sandalwood Cologne

Sandalwood Cologne

Sandalwood Cologne by Odore Mio is a bright sparkling edition of refreshing cologne with velvety shades of Sandalwood gently playing with Cambodian Patchouli and Mexican Vanilla to create that silky smooth base for this cologne.  The opening notes of this cologne are a combination of Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot with a twist of Californian Grapefruit. There […]

Odore Mio English Forest Cologne

Odore Mio English Forest Perfume

English Forest Cologne brings together the very best of traditional cologne notes with abundance of green and flowering plants of English forest. This scent will bring up memories of traditional barbershop, that sweet combination of citrusy clean and powdery sweet notes that make those barbershops so distinctly memorable. English forest opens with gentle cologne notes […]