Odore Mio Wild Vetiver Eau de Toilette Natural Perfume Spray

Odore Mio Wild Vetiver Perfume

Wild Vetiver grows in warm tropical forests and open spaces where it is never alone. Odore Mio’s Wild Vetiver similarly is a social creature and comes with friends such as Tarragon, Artemisia, Black Pepper, Cannabinoid Grasses, Balsamic trees and bushes, Basil, Thyme, Wild Lavenders. These are just some of the natural companions that can be found in this Vetiver perfume.  On opening Wild Vetiver will present gentle Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon and Jasmine bouquet to set the stage for its earthy green herbal heart. At the base this Vetiver fragrance is supported by woody notes such as Conifer Forest and Cedar Wood fused with gentle ambers and musks.