The Surfer Eau de Cologne OM No 82

The Surfer by Odore Mio recreates an experience of going for a refreshing surf in cool ocean waters. The fragrance is a fresh marine and herbal fusion. It opens with blue-green refreshing notes of water mints and marine freshness and this feeling lingers for a short while turning later into warmer spicier colours to keep you warm and excited.  The fragrance will retire with you into a tropical bar to pick a few exotic notes and later chill on the beach with drying sea water and coastal herbs and shrubs. This is a marine fresh yet rather complex and sophisticated fragrance made up of layers and waves of cool, green, warm, spicy and woody notes rolling together like ocean waves with their numerous possibilities. This fragrance is fortified with natural extracts of sea weeds and organic sea minerals.

Holistic Properties of Sea Minerals and Sea Weed

There are several  types of natural sea salt among the ingredients of this fragrance and extracts of sea weeds. Sea salt derives 82 essential trace nutrients from the seawater. These natural minerals are valuable for good functioning of human body. Sea salts consist of a similar assortment of minerals and natural healing elements as those found on skin cells. Sea weed is another rich source of vital elements with many useful properties for all vital functions from healthy vision to elasticity of skin.

The Surfer Eau de Cologne OM No 82 by Odore Mio

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