Odore Mio Young Blood Eau de Cologne OM No 75

Young Blood Perfume Odore MioOdore Mio Young Blood Cologne is a time-machine trip to being 16 once again. That magical time when time runs slow, when days are long, when freshness of new experiences and happiness are much easier to attain. This fragrance opens with light fresh citrus notes underlined by previous night’s partying and staying late in bed. A touch of soapy musk lingering in unwashed jeans and pockets full of fruity bubble gum and sugar candy. A memory of mum’s rhubarb and custard pie still lingering and a few wild flower petals and bits of dry shrubs still stuck in your sweater from a trip to the country two weeks ago. Does this sound like a page from your life at 16? Whatever. Try it.

Holistic Properties of Young Blood

This fragrance contains several natural citrus oils including Orange, Lemon, Lime and Bergamot. These oils have proven benefits of boosting mood, providing antioxidant support, immune support, freshening qualities, and boosting energy. Additionally this fragrance contains natural herbal extracts such as Basil and Caraway seed. These possess known anti-inflammatory agents, combat stress and help fight depression. And finally there are wild rose extracts in this fragrance with soothing and calming properties.

Odore Mio Young Blood Eau de Cologne OM No 75

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