Odore Mio Wild Cologne Eau de Toilette OM No 95

Odore Mio Wild Cologne PerfumeOdore Mio Wild Cologne combines citrus freshness with mystery and spice of wild herbs. This extra fresh extra green composition opens with clean trio of lemon, orange and bergamot, followed by wild thyme, holy basil, and high altitude wild lavenders forming the heart of its spicy character. Gentle ambers provide support at the base of this fragrance.

This fragrance contains natural organic oils known for their extensive beneficial properties.

Holistic Benefits of Wild Thyme

Thyme is an ancient herb with many medicinal and culinary uses. Thyme offers many traditional herbal benefits such as antibacterial, antispasmodic and general tonic and strengthening properties for the immune system. Among unique holistic properties of Thyme oil are healing skin scars and wounds, helping improve circulation and anti-inflamatory properties attributed to thymol, one of the main components of Thyme oil. It also stimulates digestion and boosts energy levels.

Holistic Benefits of Holy Basil

Basil is often used in Italian cuisine, but its benefits go well beyond delicious food. Due to presence of components like camphene, eugenol, and cineole it provides relief from congestion and fungal infections of the respiratory system. Holy Basil oil facilitates smoother breathing and reduces asthma symptoms, prevents lung disorders and damage caused by smoking and infections. Being an expectorant is one of the most prized properties of Holy Basil, making it very efficient in curing cough and cold.

Odore Mio Wild Cologne Eau de Toilette OM No 95

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