Odore Mio Stradivari Eau de Parfum Silver Ring Edition OM No 70

Odore Mio Stradivari Perfume Silver Ring

This special edition of Odore Mio Stradivari perfume includes sterling silver ring in the bottle cap decoration. The ring can be detached and used as conventional piece of sterling silver jewellery.  Silver ring is adjustable and will fit any size.

The Stradivari perfume in this special edition offers a journey into magical kingdom of music and musical instruments. It is inspired by one of the greatest makers of string instruments Antonio Stradivari. Aromatic accords in this fragrance will be just as rich and inspiring as Stradivari indented for his Stradivarius.  The quintessential combination of precious woods and aged balsamic influences will be present in this fragrance, but it is not all about old woods and ancient balsams.  On opening Stradivari will surprise you with freshness and harmony of entire basket of delicious and exquisite fruits and flowers, from Sicilian bergamots, mandarins and limes to English apples, blackberries and blackcurrants. This burst of plant freshness isn’t the only surprise in store.  There will be music made of roses, jasmines and passion fruit flowers supported by mysterious harmonies of spicy and smoky notes at the base.

Odore Mio Stradivari Eau de Parfum Silver Ring Edition OM No 70

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