Odore Mio Silver Wood Eau de Parfum OM No 58

Silverwood Perfume

Silver Wood by Odore Mio is a warm, deep, yet gentle accord of precious woods including Agar Wood, Sandal Wood and Conifers wrapped in layers of Incense, noble Orris root, and precious herbs and grasses such as Saffron, Vetriver, and Indonesian Patchouli. These dark woody notes evolve gently into sparks of silver and glow softly with warmth. Later these warm silvery notes start to blend in and lift into lighter sweeter orbit with support from Iris absolutes and resinoids, Mexican Vanillas and silky smooth velvety musky notes. This fragrance is like a thin layer of cashmere.  Warm, cosy and understated.  This fragrance hugs you with intimacy and warmth on application and turns into distant nebulous silver dust later in the day or night.

Silver Wood Eau de Parfum OM No 58

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