Odore Mio Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette OM No 92

Pink Magnolia PerfumeMagnolia is highly appreciated in gardens for its abundant blossoms and alluring scent. Pink Magnolia offers a deeper, muskier scent than its white cousin. The fragrance opens with fresh notes reminding of spring sunshine and new life followed by more sensual, silky plant based musks.

Holistic features of Magnolia and Jasmine:

Jasmine has a long history of holistic use offering a variety of benefits from improving hormonal balance to reducing stress and helping with sleep disorders. Both Magnolia and Jasmine flowers also contain components offering brain stimulation specifically in areas of emotion, motivation, memory and sexual behaviour. The scent is subtle yet it often produces lasting impression and harmonising experience. This effect is specific to Magnolia and Jasmine flowers in the floral family. The two flowers are probably the most important sensual stimulants and romance enhancers on aroma-chemical level.

Odore Mio Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette OM No 92

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