Odore Mio Natural Vetiver Eau de Toilette OM 104

Natural Vetiver Perfume

Vetiver is a versatile tropical grass used extensively in all spheres of human life, and particularly in tropical countries where it acts both as cooling and protective agent. This earthy, smoky, woody note is featured in Odore Mio Natural Vetiver as lead character, supported by natural Citrus and Cedar Wood elements. It is a refreshing bouquet with undertones of deep forest and gentle summer meadows.

Holistic Properties of Vetiver

Vetiver is known for its overall calming, cooling, and toning properties. It acts as catalyst for healing, deals with various issues surrounding nervous disorders, repels bacterial infections, and is famous as ancient aphrodisiac.

Holistic Properties of Sweet Orange Oil

Sweet orange is a natural tonic, anti-viral, mood lifting agent. It is particularly useful during cold seasons as it offers warming properties, fights viruses, improves digestion and stimulates metabolism.

Odore Mio Natural Vetiver Eau de Toilette OM 104

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