Jasmine (Jasminum) is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family (Oleaceae). It contains around 200 species native to tropical and warm temperate regions of Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. Jasmines are widely cultivated for the characteristic fragrance of their flowers. The fragrant flowers of jasminum species consist of anywhere from 4 to 9 petals and are flat or tubular shaped.

Odore Mio perfumers use Jasmine absolutes, extracts and essential oils. These fragrant materials offer voluptuous, heady white floral top notes with seductive, crushed velvet opulence. The luxurious attribute of the Queen of Sheba.

Aromatherapists value the absolute of jasmine for its potential to aid in the symptoms of PMS, depression, insomnia, and in relieving aching, tired muscles. Perfumers regard it as a staple in its ability to unify a blend, modify or embolden other florals, or provide riveting contrast in woody, spicy, or green notes. Lasting over eighteen hours,