How Layer Fragrances Can Help Modify Existing Aromatic Cloud

Layer PerfumesWhether we notice it or not there is a pre-existing aromatic could around each one of us.  This is determined by our natural scents, clothes we wear, various products we use and many other factors. Those wearing natural leather will always have a fairly defined leathery scent around them. And when certain fragrances are used which already contain additional leather notes it will result in unexpected amplification of this leather note.  Those who smoke will always have that bitther cigarette smoke cloud around them. So what can we do to smooth these rough edges or modify these pre-existing fragrances to make something a bit more smooth and a bit more pleasant?  One such technique is to use layer fragrances.  These are not your typical off the shelf perfumes.  These are specifically designed to act as modifiers or layers that add onto something existing.

Layer fragrances can be deployed successfully by those seeking to modify their existing harsh presence of smoke or add something to other stronger scents These are specially formulated to act as an additional layer or modifier as opposed to being a typical perfume or cologne in its own right, which it can be as well.  These layer fragrances may seem like softer and less active varieties compared to conventional perfume, but this is exactly where their strength lies.  A full bodied perfume may not be the best choice for heavy smokers.  There are many reasons here. One of the key reasons is the fact that their existing aromatic cloud will mix with perfume or cologne and such mixture of very strong aroma-chemicals flying from both directions may not always produce a pleasant resulting experience.

With our Layer fragrances they will instead seek to integrate and modify presence of smoky aroma chemicals potentially forming a much more suitable resulting experience.

In this category there are currently several distinct products.  Vanilla Layer 52, Santal Layer 77, Ultramarine, Ambretta Crystal Clear, Incarnation, Mint Musk. Click on each fragrance to see more detail about each one of them.