English Rose Oud Eau de Toilette (perfume spray) OM No 39

Odore Mio English Rose Oud Eau de Toilette (perfume spray) OM No 39Delicate English Rose with its unique gentle, creamy, multi-dimensional profile and quintessentially English character is enveloped by  velvety, rich and mysterious notes of Black Agar Wood in this English Rose Oud fragrance from Odore Mio. The opening notes are those of rose garden on a beautiful sunny day during English summer.  The moist rose is full of sparkles from morening dew.  We soon begin to notice richness of woody notes from Arabian Oud and the silky smooth fusion of this fragrance starts to sing a beautiful song. This song will keep you company and gently retire by sunset.  A perfect day, a perfect visit to rose garden surrounded by handsome forests.

Limited edition fragrance, hand made in small quantity.

English Rose Oud Eau de Toilette OM No 39

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