English Fern Eau de Cologne OM No 50 (perfume spray)

Odore Mio English Fern Perfume OM50English Fern is gentleman’s classic oozing fresh green and woody notes from breezy temperate forests. A distinctive clean cut scent of Fern followed by balsams and ambers creating really smooth mossy feeling. This cologne is rich in fresh pine, wintergreen, and English herbs notes making it an irresistible fougere classic. Made with natural high quality oils this scent wakes you up with its crisp refreshing bouquet of forest greens. Top notes include: French lavender, Geranium rose, Basil, Sage.  Heart notes: Forest green notes, Wintergreens, Fern, Tonka Bean, Siberian Pine, Patchouli.  Base notes: Moss, Amber, Spice notes, Artemesia, Davana, Hyssop.

Odore Mio English Fern Perfume 100ml OM50English Fern Eau de Cologne OM No 50

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Natural Organic Fragrance

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

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