Discover Your Perfect Rose Perfume

Rose is one of the most beautiful and useful plants. Rose water and hips are used in medicine.  Rose petals are used in preparation of delicious jams and candy. And of course fragrant rose oils have been used for thousands of years in perfumes and ointments of all kinds.  There are thousands of rose plant varieties each with its own unique character and fragrance.  Have you experienced all these delicate fragrant varieties?  Some roses are so distinctly different that most of us would not even be able to recognise these as roses.

Discover your perfect rose with Odore Mio Roses discovery pack offering several fragrances with different rose based compositions or containing rose oils and attars.

Your perfect rose is here.  In this pack you will find four different Odore Mio perfumes each with it’s own perfect combination of roses from juicy delicate English Rose to wild resilient Rock Rose. Discover the roses that work for you or enjoy them all.  This perfume discovery pack contains four travel sized spray bottles or vials with Odore Mio perfume samples including the following (each bottle contains at least 10 sprays or applications):

Amore Attis Eau de Parfum OM No 44

English Rose Oud Eau de Toilette OM No 39

Epic Rose Eau de Parfum OM No 56

Rose Oud Eau de Parfum OM No 29

Odore Mio Roses Perfume Discovery Pack No 5

Price from: £3