Best Sandalwood Cologne for Men?  


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11/02/2018 7:38 pm  

My husband really likes sandalwood.  Any cologne recommendations with sandalwood?

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19/02/2018 12:23 pm  

Sandalwood  is a beautiful fragrant component present in many colognes and fragrances.  It can provide sweetness, richness and sophistication to overall composition.  Odore Mio range has a popular Sandalwood Cologne fragrance.  It is both fresh and woody at the same time.  It has pleasant clean citrus opening and beautiful sandalwood progression later on.  A variation of this cologne with more sweetness and lavender is OM 42.2 Sandalwood Lavender Cologne. And there are several fragrances containing sandalwood but not featuring it in its forte bouquets.  These include Silver Wood, Amore Attis, Golden Delicious.  Outside Odore Mio brand, good Sandalwood fragrances include Creed Original Santal, Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood.

Alex Green
Odore Mio Botanicals

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