What scents work best in Autumn?

Autumn PerfumeAutumn naturally brings a multitude of visual splendour and fireworks of yellow, orange, red, deep brown, and many variations and shades of these warm colours.  But at the same time temperatures decidedly move towards cooler ranges. These cooler temperatures and visual warmth bring natural longings for warmer fragrances and warmer notes in perfumes.  So what are these warmer notes and fragrances?

Warmer notes in fragrances typically include dry leaf of various plants, such plants include Tobacco, Patchouli, woody notes such as Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Agar wood, Mahogany wood. Floral notes may include ever popular rose, more unusual sweeter notes such as various red and black berries.

Odore Mio’s range of fragrances reflecting on autumn warmth includes wonderful Tobacco Oud. Tobacco Oud is popular at all times, but in Autumn it may bring out additional comfort and pleasures. Odore Mio’s Patchouli Royal is another all time favourite.  This Patchouli isn’t your typical hippie juice. This Odore Mio Patchouli is a true luxury blend made of the very finest natural Patchouli oils and delicious caramelised Patchouli extracts.  These sweeter caramelised Patchouli is what makes this Odore Mio Patchouli Royal a true queen of Autumn.  Just like festive orange and red leaves caramelised patchouli offers unique sweetness and warmth. This patchouli is so delicious it is practically edible.

Another Autumn jewel in Odore Mio’s collection is Mahogany Oud. Unlike any other woody fragrance Mahogany Oud is a warm, silky smooth composition which will provide much needed additional comfort during cooler Autumn nights.  Just like cashmere, Mahogany Oud is one of those perfumes that can become your reliable friend in Autumn.

Santal Oud from Odore Mio is also decidedly fitting for beautiful autumn days and evenings.  It offers unique sophistication of Sandal wood together with deeper smokier notes of Agar wood. This Santal Oud fragrance from Odore Mio will remind you those refreshing autumn walk in your favourite park. Subtle notes of smoke and burning dry leaf mixing gently in still fragrant air of woodland and drying flowering plants.

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