Amore Attis Eau de Parfum OM No 44 (perfume spray)

Odore Mio Amore Attis Perfume OM 44

Amore Attis uses Orris root and Sandalwood at the heart of its aromatic bouquet. The name Attis comes from ancient Phrugian god of vegetation and a consort of the great Mother of the Gods. Amore Attis is deliciously sweet and seductive just like the love of gods. It is reminiscent of original vintage lipstick sweetness and comforting smooth notes of Vanilla that accompany the noble duo of Iris and Sandalwood. This fragrance is full of waxy floral warmth, exotic heady sweetness and a rainbow of subtle spice that come from Frangipani of New Guinea, Honeysuckle and Lilac. High notes also include lush rose and juicy berry accords. This fragrance is wrapped in beautiful silky smooth musks and ambrette seed oil amber at its base.

 Amore Attis Eau de Parfum OM No 44

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Natural Organic Fragrance

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

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